What 2020 Design Trends Do You Like?

What 2020 Design Trends Do You Like?

Every year fashionistas and expert extol the virtues of the next big thing and the next big trend. It is no different for interior design and house architecture.

We perused the experts’ views and pulled out some of the most interesting ones that resonated with us at SpaceSave both in terms of our passion but also those that reflect a realistic lifestyle.


Not surprisingly Sustainability has been named the most popular global trend over the past few years. The focus is on protecting the environment and living with and not against nature. This has never been more important than now as we are on the cusp of causing irreparable damage to the environment – and the environment fighting back with possibly disastrous long-term consequences.

And of course this focus also includes interior design trends.

Using natural materials, buying furniture and accessories from local suppliers and from reputable sources, made from renewable resources,  refinishing, repurposing, and buying second hand, are the keys to this trend.

To reduce the environmental impact, furniture can be made with recycled materials or more sustainable woods such as pine, bamboo, or reclaimed wood.

Even more interestingly, hemp is fast developing a reputation to better them all in terms of it’s footprint and versatility (more about this in a future blog).


In the past, furniture was often bought with lifetime value in mind and formed some of the biggest investment areas for any family. Solid wood, ornate structures and large, beautiful pieces made for eternity took center stage in many a home.

But today, the focus is on fast food, fast fashion and excess consumption. The life time value of furniture is only a few years and often furniture is made to not last much longer as affordability and focus on price has become ever more important and cheap imports dominated the market.

However, in our fast paced world a new trend is taking shape – do we really need all the different furniture pieces or can we get away with fewer more multi-functional items and rather focus on creating space.

Multi-functional Space

This is one of our favourite areas. Multi-functional and clever use of space. Old house are often divided into different rooms, be it a separate kitchen, a dining room, a separate lounge and another family room.

Modern houses have opened up – also because they are becoming smaller. This begs for open spaces and combining functionality. Open kitchens and dining rooms have existed for a long time. But now we see offices smartly integrated into the living or even bedroom without looking out of place. Even better, integrated into cupboards that can be closed when the work is done for the day.


The next eco-trend is in line with sustainability as well as the popular DIY trend.  Why buy new when you can make it as good as new. Taking a tired looking piece of furniture either in your possession already or fresh off the flea market and restoring it to its former or new glory is another emerging trend. Refinishing an old piece of furniture is not only about saving money and being eco-conscious but allows for the inner artist to shine and to bring your own individual style to the fore.

Natural Colours

Basic white and Scandinavian grays have been popular choices for a long time. Now this trend is adapting and moving towards natural colours such as earthy tones, warm browns and deep greens to reflect a relaxing walk in the forest, strong blues to reflect the freedom of the sky and the ocean.

Wooden floors add to the warm, homey feel. Increasingly wooden textures are integrated into tiles and stone material to add warmth but retain the benefits of those materials.


Natural materials like linen, cotton and wool have always been big.  But while those were originally designed to blend in, they have evolved to brighter colours and providing stronger contrasts.

This season, they are going even bolder with strong patterns and designs, made to draw your attention to them. African designs, embossed cushions, a decorative throw all add instant panache to your place.

If you want to take it even further, you can also play around with wall paper to instantly change the look of your apartment. Modern wall papers can bring the outside world into your home with bold designs to challenge your courage.


White kitchen cabinets dominate just about every kitchen in the world. They are the simplest and safest solution. But that is slowly changing!
Interesting new natural colours are emerging. Be it a marbled top with grey or a dark surface with bottle green cupboards. Bicolored kitchen cabinets offer interesting aspects and variations, resulting in very stylish and upmarket looks.

Healthy Plants

Plants have always been part of any interior design and most households have at least one pot plant. However, more and more focus is placed on plants that do more than just look pretty but actually have a therapeutic effect in the house.

Some of these are

  • spider plant which extracts formaldehyde from the air
  • Lavender in the bedroom improves sleep
  • If you want to prevent mold in your home English ivy is well-known to purify up to 94 percent of airborne mold particles that can trigger allergies
  • Peace lily and snake plant are excellent air purifiers.


Japandi is a hybrid aesthetic of two different design styles, Japanese and Scandinavian. Japandi brings together the clean lines and country charm of Scandinavian minimalism and the traditional elegance of Japan.  This trend is ideal if your home is your sanctuary and you take a less-is-more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette.


Abstract Focus

This is for the bold and the brave – strong geometrics, blocks of colour, hand-drawn sketches become the center piece of your attention.

Bold patterns and punchy colours lend a creative approach to styling a décor. The expressionist art movement focuses on the less perfect and fluidity of hand-drawn forms – line drawings play a key focus within this look.

Have we triggered a thought process that leaves you wanting more, let’s engage? Tell us what you think and sign up for our newsletter for great ideas, tips and discussions in and around our homes, the meaning and importance of the space around us and living better with less.

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