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Too Little Room For Anything?

Too Little Room For Anything?

This clever space-saving, portable desk table offers ample workspace for your computer, up to 2 monitors and paperwork.

When done, just flat-fold it and put it against your wall, behind the sofa or underneath your bed so that you can regain and enjoy your living space. You can also fit it into your car to take it with you wherever you go.

But this table doesn’t only work for an office. It would make a wonderful craft table too!

If you are crafting out of a closet, this table would be the perfect workspace. You could open your closet and set up your craft table in minutes, but easily store it back in the closet when not in use.

Portable Flip n Flat Folding Desks are a staple in every home because of their versatility. If you need a desk, it doesn’t matter where you are – a Flip n Flat Folding Desk can be precisely what you need.

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