Take Your Home Office Outdoors With SpaceSave’s Hanging Balcony Table

Take Your Home Office Outdoors With SpaceSave’s Hanging Balcony Table

In the Southern hemisphere, summer means hot, long days and if you’re stuck indoors working, you may miss out on the beauty of the great outdoors. But let’s not fret – SpaceSave brings us a nifty solution to get us productive and working, indoors and out. The SpaceSave Hanging Balcony Table is the perfect solution to take your office anywhere you like – on a balcony, patio and more to maximise the warmer months!

No space for a full-on desk or table? The SpaceSave Hanging Balcony Table is compact and easy to install. Simply hang it over the balcony railing. Adjust the back bracket to fit tight against the lower half of the railing… and voila!

A top section lets you park your coffee or drink while you work without risk of it spilling over your laptop, tablet or paperwork. Furthermore, a unique sturdy side hinge folds up the table to create even more space. Perfect for when you don’t use the full area but just want to enjoy a coffee, cigarette or drinks.

Features of the Hanging Balcony Table:
  • Suitable for almost all balconies due to its unique mechanism
  • Folding mechanism means you choose the table width you want
  • Super space-saving
  • Fully assembled
  • Sealed against moisture

This nifty hanging balcony table is proudly made in South Africa and you can expect free delivery to most areas in South Africa.

The Hanging Balcony Table is available in plywood and blackwood. Other options are available on request.

Blog Credit: Marcia Loves It
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