SpaceSave – Our Tips to Making the Most of Your Small Space with Space-Saving Furniture

SpaceSave – Our Tips to Making the Most of Your Small Space with Space-Saving Furniture

Oh, the delight of walking into a spacious bedroom! But, let's be honest, not every bedroom accommodates a king-size bed, expansive wardrobes, and a cosy reading nook. Sometimes, you're working with a "snug" (read: small) space, and you have to get a little creative. And that's where we come in with SpaceSave's bedroom makeover. We're all about making the most of what you've got and turning your tiny sleeping quarters into a stylish, functional retreat.

We're firm believers that size doesn't always matter—at least when it comes to creating a comfortable, personalised sleeping space. It's all about strategically choosing the right furniture, maximising storage, and playing with design elements to make your bedroom feel larger than life. And the best part is, you don't need an interior design degree to achieve this!

SpaceSave's Bedroom Makeover is your go-to guide for transforming small bedrooms with smart, space-saving furniture. We're talking about beds with built-in storage, slim-line wardrobes, and multi-purpose pieces that double up as both a desk and a vanity. It's about finding clever ways to utilise every inch of your room without it feeling cramped or cluttered.

How to Maximise Your Space

  1. Creating a Serene Workspace: Versa Combo Drawer Desk With Ottoman Chair And Fold-Out Table. A small bedroom can often double as a workspace, especially in compact living situations. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere while incorporating an efficient work area, it is essential to choose furniture that is versatile and space-minded. The Versa Combo Drawer Desk offers the perfect balance between style and functionality, creating a serene, multipurpose bedroom/home office solution.

    When not in use, the Combo is a bedside table with 2 drawers, adding a sleek design and touch of elegance to your bedroom. When required, it effortlessly unfolds to transform into a practical desk, providing a make-up station or a separate workspace without compromising your sleeping quarters’ ambience. The integrated ottoman not only offers a mobile seat but also additional storage underneath the seat. Consider adding the Versa Combo Drawer Desk With Ottoman Chair And Fold-Out Table into your small bedroom design to embrace a harmonious environment that caters to both work and rest.

  2. Amplifying Storage & Seating: Sit n Stow Mobile Padded Ottoman Storage Bench
    In a small bedroom, finding optimal storage solutions is vital, as is including comfortable seating options. The Sit n Stow Mobile Padded Ottoman Storage Bench combines these elements, creating a stylish piece of furniture perfect for compact spaces. The padded ottoman simultaneously offers ample storage and a convenient seating option, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

    The Sit n Stow's mobility means you can move it around your bedroom as needed, providing flexibility and adaptability to your space. By incorporating this clever storage solution into your bedroom, you can efficiently manage your belongings while adding an extra seat for your comfort when putting on your shoes and relaxation. The storage area is great for storing your shoes, linen or even non-seasonal clothes.

  3. Unifying Style & Media: Infinitude Modular TV Stand Bookcase & Storage Cabinet
    Your small bedroom should be a reflection of your personal style, incorporating both a peaceful ambience and an entertainment area. The Infinitude Modular TV Stand Bookcase & Storage Cabinet offers a unique solution designed to organise your media collection and display your television stylishly.

    The adaptable modular design allows you to customise the layout according to your bedroom's specific needs, achieving a tailored entertainment and storage area. With its sleek appearance and smart storage capabilities, the Infinitude Modular TV Stand Bookcase & Storage Cabinet enhances your small bedroom, blending style with functionality.

  4. Making Use of Vertical Space: Wall-Mounted Folding Ironing Board Cabinet
    Maximising vertical space is essential to fully optimise your small bedroom's potential. One smart solution is the wall-mounted folding ironing board cabinet, which utilises wall space to create a functional and discreet feature.

    This wall-mounted cabinet stores your ironing board and necessary supplies in an elegant, space-saving manner. When required, the cabinet unfolds to reveal a practical ironing board that can be used right in your bedroom. By incorporating this wall-mounted cabinet into your small bedroom, you can transform your vertical surfaces into functional areas without sacrificing style.

  5. Enjoying the Surroundings: Hanging Balcony Table
    If your small bedroom includes access to a balcony or terrace, utilising this outdoor space can enhance the room's functionality and provide a valuable extension to your living area. The Hanging Balcony Table, available in foldable and non-folding options, offers a smart solution to maximise the potential of your outdoor space without taking up valuable floor space.

    Easily mounted on your balcony railing, the Hanging Balcony Table provides a practical surface for al fresco dining, relaxation, or even work. By incorporating this smart solution into your bedroom design, you can expand your living space beyond your sleeping quarters and better enjoy your surroundings.

Living Big in a Small Space

Don't let a small bedroom cramp your style. Instead, embrace the challenge and have fun with it. We promise the result will be a space that's not only practical but also packed with personality and style.

Discover the full potential of your small bedroom by exploring SpaceSave's extensive range of space-saving furniture options, and start transforming your space into a well-designed sanctuary that complements your lifestyle!

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