SpaceSave Fold Up Wall Mounted Desk Table with Mirror and Blackboard 100x60cm


This triple function fold-up wall desk from SpaceSave is the ideal space-saving home office and all-purpose table solution for smaller living spaces or those wanting more space. When you cannot make up your mind whether you would like to have a mirror or blackboard, this is the ideal option for you as it contains an interchangeable mirror and blackboard.


This floating, wall-mounted fold-up, fold-down desk table is the ultimate space saver. It can be used as an office desk, for studying and doing homework.
And it does great as a breakfast or dinner table as well. Or use it as a nappy changing station or laundry table.

When not in use, fold it back against the wall and turn it into either a mirror or if you choose to change its function it will become a blackboard for To-do lists, motivational quotes or messages to your loved ones.
A small shelf provides space to put your phone, keys, flowers or other essentials.


1.) Multi-function table-mirror-blackboard-shelf combination
2.) Best of both worlds – the desk is delivered with a mirror located on top of the blackboard. Want a blackboard instead of a mirror? Simply unscrew the metal corners holding the mirror, take out the mirror and store it away safely
3.) Creates space – flip it up against the wall when you don’t need a desk
4.) Sturdy and easily flips up and down

Product Details

1.) 100cm long x 60cm wide. The table is 75cm high. When folded up, it is 75cm from the floor with the top reaching 175cm from the floor
2.) Attached to the wall with two hinges
3.) Easy to use top latch opens to unfold and re-lock the desk
4.) Tested for weights of up to 70kg
5.) Made in South Africa using eco-friendly, durable Melawood from local renewable sources

Available in white.

FREE delivery to most areas.

Weight 12.35 kg
Dimensions 106 × 84 × 7 cm
Colour Swatch



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