Not Feeling at Home at Home? The Hidden Connection Between Space, Mind & Wellbeing

Not Feeling at Home at Home? The Hidden Connection Between Space, Mind & Wellbeing

In our ever-busy and increasingly crowded world, the demand for personal space is more crucial than ever.

Space is more than a physical dimension. It's an emotional experience, an aesthetic feeling, and a psychological need. The spatial organization of our living environments has been shown to have a profound effect on our psychological health and emotional well-being. Our surroundings can either enhance our mental well-being or create invisible barriers to our inner peace. In a world where urbanization is on the rise and living spaces are shrinking, innovative solutions like space-saving furniture are becoming indispensable.
This article delves into the intriguing relationship between space, emotions, and our mental wellness, revealing how space-saving furniture can play an essential role in enhancing your life quality.

The Space-Mind Connection The Subtle Influence of Environment

Our surroundings subtly influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. The colours, shapes, and layout of our living space play a pivotal role in creating a sense of harmony and balance. When space is constricted, it often leads to a feeling of constraint in our minds as well.

Space and Stress

A cluttered environment can lead to stress and anxiety. Research by Saxbe and Repetti (2010) shows that household chaos is linked to higher cortisol levels, indicating stress. The easiest solution is a clean and tidy environment, free of clutter. But this is not always easy to achieve, especially if kids and pets are involved.

Personal Space and Comfort

Our "invisible bubble" or personal space reflects our instinctive need for territory. Its intrusion can lead to discomfort, hostility, and even a decline in interpersonal relationships. Hall's "Proxemics Theory" (1966), though written over 4 decades ago is a fascinating read about the importance of personal space and its impact on communication and relationships.

Space and Emotional Freedom

Space is synonymous with freedom. A roomy environment allows us to move freely, think broadly, and breathe easily. It fosters creativity, inspires optimism, and nurtures our emotional health.

Creativity and Productivity

Space isn't just a physical quantity; it's a psychological concept as well. A cluttered and cramped space can hinder creative thinking and decrease productivity, a notion supported by Vohs et al. (2013) in their study of how physical orderliness affects preferences and behavior3. Experts generally recommend keeping your environment clean of clutter to enhance your productivity and free your mind.

Psychological Weight of Possessions

Possessions can weigh us down psychologically. A room cluttered with objects can become a mental burden, causing stress, anxiety, and even depression without us even knowing.

As much as you love your kids’ pictures and artwork and the gifts they bring home from school, it can quickly fill up your space and subconsciously create stress. If it is just too tough, professional organisers such as Jeanette from about organising can help you regain your sanity and help you sort through what you really like and what can make way for a roomier space.

The Decline of Interpersonal Relationships

A lack of personal space can strain interpersonal relationships. Whether it's family, friends, or roommates, too much closeness can ironically lead to emotional distancing. If feeling like you are constantly in each other’s way, it can lead to conflicts and strained relationships.
Working from home with all it’s advantages also puts huge pressure on our space availability.

Space Saving Furniture: A Revolution in Living Enhancing Space Perception

Space-saving furniture, such as convertible tables and multifunctional sofas, offers flexibility without compromising aesthetics, allowing you to organize your living space efficiently. By folding in, up or down, they easily free up space when not in use. This makes your room bigger and free.

Improving Emotional Wellbeing

A well-organized room promotes relaxation, mental clarity, and overall emotional well-being. With SpaceSave's innovative solutions, you can transform your environment according to your needs effortlessly. Don’t be stuck with bulky furniture that takes up space 24-7 even though it may only be used for a few hours a day (think dining room table).

Innovative Designs for Modern Living

Space-saving furniture like convertible tables, expandable storage, and foldable beds redefine modern living. They not only conserve physical space but also create a more open and airier environment. Their modern feel especially with lighter colours, lift the mood and can quickly enhance your spirits.

Customization and Personal Expression

One of the great advantages of space-saving furniture is the customization it allows. You can modify your space according to your needs, reflecting your personality and tastes.

SpaceSave Furniture: A Path to a Spacious Life

SpaceSave is a leading innovator in the South African furniture market, addressing an ever-increasing need for space in the fast-changing world of urbanisation and densification of living spaces.

It takes the concept of space-saving furniture to new heights. With their range of stylish and multi-functional furniture, they offer spacious living even in compact environments.

Ergonomic Designs:
SpaceSave’s furniture is designed with the user's comfort in mind, prioritizing ergonomic principles to ensure a harmonious relationship between the user and their living space.

Innovative Solutions:
With innovative mechanisms and designs, SpaceSave’s furniture allows users to transform their space according to their needs effortlessly.

Designing for Wellbeing:
SpaceSave's focus goes beyond merely saving space. It's about enhancing well-being through carefully crafted furniture that complements both your lifestyle and your emotional needs.

Quality That Transforms Lives:
With SpaceSave, quality is not compromised. Their furniture is not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well, turning your living space into a soothing retreat.

Locally Made:
All SpaceSave furniture is locally made at the premises in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs. As members of Proudly SA, great emphasis is placed on sourcing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and to support the local economy as best as possible.

Premium Service:
From personal service, free shipping for orders over R1000, generally 2-3 day delivery to a 6 month warranty and easy returns if the item is not suitable. Items can be customised to request.

Conclusion: Embrace Space, Embrace Life

The relationship between space and our mental well-being is complex but deeply intertwined. Whether it's the lack of physical room leading to stress, or the lack of personal space affecting our relationships, space, or the absence of it, plays a vital role in our lives.

Space-saving furniture, such as that offered by SpaceSave, can be a valuable tool in reclaiming your space and, by extension, your peace of mind. With thoughtful design and practical functionality, space-saving furniture enables you to create an environment that not only looks great but also feels right.

The revolution in space-saving furniture is not just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that resonates with our deeper psychological needs.

By giving ourselves room to breathe, we pave the way for healthier, happier, and emotionally enriching lives.

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