Make Work @ Home Easy With SpaceSave’s Fold Down Desk

Make Work @ Home Easy With SpaceSave’s Fold Down Desk

It’s a compact fold down desk that is the best space-saving solution for students, learners and anyone needing more workspace. However, the Fold Down Wall Mounted Desk from SpaceSave offers so many more possibilities.

Simply fold it up to work and fold down flat against the wall when you are done. Now with an antibacterial surface, this fold down desk offers a built-in protective layer which makes MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive, high-traffic areas where cleanliness alone is insufficient, such as healthcare facilities, office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail and even at home. This special anti-bacterial additive is blended into the locally manufactured melamine resin, destroying bacteria that may come to rest on the surface of the MelaWood®, within hours.

The ideal solution for small space living. This floating, fold-up, fold-down desk table will fit into just about any room and provides a dedicated space to do homework, play on the computer or paint. When they don’t need it, get it out of the way by simply folding it up against the wall and turning it into a blackboard or mirror.

More than a Desk

The Fold Down desk provides a multi-functional solution in almost any room. It is also ideal as a general ad hoc workspace, laundry or even a nappy changing station.

The desk area is big enough for computer and monitor and to work comfortably. After work, it simply folds down and blends into the wall.

How is it made?

MelaWood® is made by bonding melamine-impregnated décor paper to both surfaces of the top-quality board using heat and pressure. This one-shot process creates a closed, durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface that is easy to clean.

Available in white and woodgrain marble. FREE delivery to most of South Africa.

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