Keep Your Family Safe With Anti-Bacterial Desks From SpaceSave

Keep Your Family Safe With Anti-Bacterial Desks From SpaceSave

If there is one lesson learnt through the pandemonium of 2020, it’s that we need to do more to keep our loved ones safe. Health and hygiene are therefore the keywords of the season. SpaceSave makes our options so much easier, with anti-bacterial surfaces incorporated into their worktops – for cleaner, safer and happier workspaces.

Desks are typically a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It’s one of those furniture items that are in constant contact with the human touch. So, whether we realise it or not, we’re leaving behind traces of ourselves, including those yucky germs that are to blame for illness and disease. Instead of the constant stress of sanitizing and cleaning our desks every 20 minutes, we can have greater peace of mind that an Anti-Bacterial Surface is doing its job in curbing the spread of germs.

SpaceSave’s fold-down desks, folding desks and kids fold-up desks all feature PG Bison’s MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial. Here a special anti-bacterial additive is blended into the locally manufactured melamine resin, destroying bacteria, that may come to rest on the surface of the MelaWood®, within hours.

This additional built-in protective layer makes MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive, high-traffic areas where cleanliness alone is insufficient. This includes healthcare facilities, office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail and even at home.

How it’s made

MelaWood® is made by bonding melamine-impregnated décor paper to both surfaces of top-quality board using heat and pressure. This one-shot process creates a closed, durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface that is easy to clean.

It’s easy to feel bogged down by what’s happening out in the world today. However, we can take back some control in our own homes. Keep the nasties at bay. Choose hygiene and make health a priority. Invest in workspaces that will keep you, and your little ones, safer and happier for longer.

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