How To Entertain Family and Guests In A Small Space

How To Entertain Family and Guests In A Small Space

You may live in a small space but that does not mean you have to give up on family and friends coming over for celebrations and get-togethers.

A dining room table is an important piece of furniture for every home. It’s generally the centrepiece of your entertaining area and the place where you gather with family and friends to share meals, conversation, and memories.

If you’re trying to downsize or live a minimalist lifestyle you want a table that is suitable for 1 or 2 people without taking up too much space. It can be hard to find a dining room table that fits your lifestyle and space but also accommodates guests or visiting family.

You don't want to eat at a table that is too big. It's not only inconvenient, but it can also make the room look cluttered and feel oversized – and maybe you just don’t have the space. But what if you want to invite guests over for dinner or a family celebration?

If that is the case, the last thing you want to do is rush out and buy a new dining table. Instead of not inviting people to your home or opting for a restaurant to celebrate the holiday, rather use a dining table that is flexible and convertible.

A foldable dining table is a great way to get all the benefits of a large dining table without having to store it in some corner of your house (to catch dust) when you don’t need it. They are great for get-togethers not only because they give you extra seating when you need it, but they also fold down to save space when they aren’t in use. It gives you the flexibility to seat more people for special occasions like holiday dinners, birthday celebrations and family reunions without it taking up space when it is not needed. Foldable dining tables can be used on their own or in conjunction with other tables.

Instead of having a large table that wastes space and hardly gets used throughout the year, a foldable, multi-purpose table is a much better option to seat people and it can easily be put aside once guests leave.

Benefits of Foldable Dining Tables

Here are some benefits of a foldable dining table:

More Seats

A foldable dining table is ideal if you need extra seating for guests or parties. If you have a large group of up to six people coming over for dinner or a special occasion, then it’s nice to have enough room for everyone at one time without having to squeeze people in on both sides of the table (or even on top of each other!). The best part about these tables is that after everyone has gone home, you can fold them down and put them away until next time or only open the space you need for yourself!

Less Storage Space

If you don't have room for a large dining table in your home, a foldable, multi-purpose model may be just what you're looking for! You won't need to worry about storing it away when it's not in use, as these tables fold down into units when not needed and take up less storage space than their fixed counterparts. The 4-in-1 Console Table Desk from Space Save can even be used as a storage unit or a sideboard table if needed! So, you can put pantry items inside and add photo frames, plants, or ornaments on top for decoration.


Because folding tables are made for temporary use, they can be moved around easily. So, you may store them on the side but can easily take them out or move them to where you need it without any major hassle.

6 Tips To Make Your House Seem Bigger When Entertaining

When you're entertaining guests in a small house, it can be hard to make the space seem larger. Here are some tips for making your house seem bigger when entertaining:

  1. Spacious Decor
    • Store unnecessary clutter in the attic or basement until you need them (or give them away and save storage space).
    • Keep furniture at least one foot away from walls – unless it's wall-mounted expanding furniture – so that people have room to move around comfortably.
    • Want more floor space? Opt for tables with no legs like the Fold Down Wall Mounted Desk Table which can be folded up when you need it and when you’re done using it you can fold it down to blend into the wall – giving you back your space.
    • Put a chair or bench near windows or doors so people or you can sit and enjoy the view from anywhere in the room.
    • Put rugs on bare floors so that it doesn't feel like you're walking on cold tile or wood all the time. Rugs also help define spaces and make rooms seem larger than they are. Check out the variety of Persian rugs and other South African-inspired carpet designs by Rug Warehouse. You can also find out how to choose the right size rug for your space in this post by Airloom.
  2. Make Use of Windows
    Windows can make any room look bigger and adding ceiling-to-floor length curtains in white, nude, or beige shades will also help to create the illusion of a bigger home.
  3. Choose Foldable Space Saving Furniture

    Choose furniture with clean, simple lines rather than lots of ornate details that take up visual space in a small room. Large pieces of furniture may look good in a spacious home but they don't work well in small spaces. Instead, choose smaller pieces that are still comfortable and functional.

    For example, you can use a multipurpose expanding piece such as the 4-in-1 Console Table Desk which can open up and seat up to four people. If it is only one or two of you, you can fold down one side and only use half of it. It can also serve as a sideboard table later when you’re done entertaining. This 4-in-1 dining table also includes storage shelves with side panels to prevent the stored items like utensils or condiments from falling out during movement.

  4. Use Mirrors And Light To Create The Illusion Of More Space
    Mirrors reflect light and add more space to a room without taking up extra space. They also help make rooms seem brighter by reflecting light from sources such as lamps or candles around them. Try Space Save’s Fold Up Wall Mounted Desk & Mirror which is a handy table – with various uses – that can be turned into a floating wall mirror!
  5. Use Light Colours On Walls And Ceilings
    Light colours reflect light better than darker shades, making spaces seem brighter and larger than they are. You can also opt for lighter shades of neutral colours like grey, cream or beige.
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  6. Use A Hanging Balcony Table
    A hanging balcony table can be used to entertain guests if you would like to have drinks or dinner outside on the balcony. You can also use it as a buffet table or drinks table for sundowners. Have a look at these Hanging Balcony Tables available in two options: Foldable and Non-Folding. These hanging balcony tables are sturdy, durable and sealed against moisture. You can even use it to study or work outside instead of being cooped up indoors for hours.
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Final Thoughts

There are so many ways we can rethink what we value and how to reclaim our space at home. Let's start small by giving away all the things that we no longer use or can't fit in our homes.

As mentioned before, there are many ways to save space and make your small living area seem bigger, such as using adjustable furniture pieces. The Hanging Balcony Table is particularly great if you have a balcony because it encourages you to sit outside and enjoy the scenery with your family and friends.

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Do You Need The Perfect Statement Piece ...

perfect for hosting small gatherings? Then try using the Folding 4-in-1 Sideboard Desk Table for your own personal use as well as special occasions to make room for your loved ones. It's available in white and rustic wood so it can blend in seamlessly with a variety of interiors and can also be multi-purposed into a sideboard table.

Items are available online at SpaceSave and at Takealot and Makro Online.

Written by: Sirferaaz Akherwary

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