How To Clean Your Desks And Devices Safely. No Dust & Grime!

How To Clean Your Desks And Devices Safely. No Dust & Grime!

Looking for a quick, effective, and safe solution on how to clean your SpaceSave desk and devices?

Consider using Handy Andy Surface Wipes to remove dust, dirt, and grime from your desk and devices. The multipurpose wipes are large and thick, making them ideal for large surfaces. They are also soft and gentle ensuring no damage comes to your desk or devices, while also effectively absorbing any dirt on the surface.

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Some other cleaning solutions for our desks would be:

• Easily remove dust using a dry/damp soft clean cloth.
• Soiled surfaces can usually be cleaned with a soft clean cloth or sponge dampened with warm soapy water or a mild household detergent and wiped with a damp clean cloth to remove any remaining soap or detergent, and then dried with an absorbent paper towel or microfibre cloth.
• Spillages must be removed immediately, the area washed with warm soapy water to remove any remaining spilled liquid or powder, finished with a damp soft cloth, and then dried.

The following cleaning agents SHOULD NOT be used on our desks:
• Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scourers, steel wool).
• Polish, washing powder, or bleach.
• Detergents with strong acids and acidic salts.
• Steam cleaning equipment.
• Never use substances that leave traces (waxes or oils for instance).
• Hot objects should not be deposited on the surface, as this may result in discoloration.

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