How a local manufacturing company is pioneering the space-saving furniture trend

How a local manufacturing company is pioneering the space-saving furniture trend

In the bustling city of Cape Town, where urban space is increasingly at a premium, one local company is making waves by redefining the concept of furniture. SpaceSave, based in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, is at the forefront of the space-saving furniture trend, not just locally but across South Africa.

Founded in late 2019, SpaceSave has carved a niche for itself by addressing the growing need for multifunctional and efficient furniture in diverse settings such as micro-apartments, Airbnbs, home offices, educational institutions and office spaces.

The genesis of SpaceSave

The idea for Cape Town-based SpaceSave was born out of the explosive growth in smaller living spaces, a trend that necessitated a rethink of traditional furniture. As urban areas grow denser and apartments smaller, the demand for furniture that not only saves space but enhances functionality has become paramount.

Recognising this gap in the market, woman-led SpaceSave was launched with a mission to offer innovative solutions tailored to the modern lifestyle.

Innovative products for a diverse clientele 

SpaceSave’s product line is designed with versatility in mind, catering to a wide range of environments. At the core of each product lies a space-saving, multi-purpose and multi-functional promise to minimise wasted space and create more room to move.

The furniture is ideal for small urban apartments and rooms that require convertible, multi-functional and space-efficient pieces, such as the Folding 4-in-1 Table, which converts from console to work desk and even dining room table or hanging balcony tables that maximise outdoor living.

The same innovation applies to their solutions for Airbnbs, where owners often need to maximise the utility of spaces to enhance guest comfort and experience.

Educational institutions and offices also benefit from SpaceSave’s products. Schools and universities are increasingly looking for furniture that can adapt to various learning environments and maximise the available space. Similarly, modern offices, which often advocate for flexible workspaces, find SpaceSave’s flat folding and transformable furniture aligns perfectly with the concept of dynamic work and study layouts.


SpaceSave operates on a direct-to-consumer model, which allows them to maintain control over their brand and customer experience. This business model is complemented by strategic partnerships with popular e-commerce platforms across South Africa, broadening their market reach and accessibility.

Products are primarily sold through their website, which allows for a streamlined customer experience from browsing to purchasing. The website also serves as a platform for customers to explore the full range of products, understand their specifications and even customise orders based on their specific needs.

In addition to direct sales through its website, SpaceSave distributes products via Takealot, Makro and Leroy Merlin throughout South Africa to reach a broader audience. This multi-channel approach ensures that SpaceSave products are accessible nationwide, enabling the company to serve customers across the country, regardless of their location.

Over and above, SpaceSave also provides customised furniture to suit individual demands.

Commitment to quality, sustainability and local economy

From its inception, SpaceSave has committed to sustainability and supporting the local economy. The company prides itself on sourcing Eco-friendly materials that are both sustainable and locally available. This commitment extends to the entire manufacturing process, which takes place right in Cape Town, ensuring that the products are genuinely South African.

The company prides itself on quality and service and all products come with a six-month warranty as well as a generous return policy.

Moreover, in a country where unemployment rates are high, SpaceSave has taken a proactive role in local job creation. By focusing on local hiring, SpaceSave not only contributes to reducing unemployment but also boosts the local economy and builds community resilience.

Looking towards the future

As SpaceSave continues to grow, its focus remains on innovation and sustainability. The company is consistently exploring new designs and technologies that can further enhance the functionality and environmental friendliness of its products.

With a solid foundation in Cape Town and a growing presence across South Africa, SpaceSave is well-positioned to continue leading the way in space-saving furniture solutions.


SpaceSave is not just a furniture company; it’s a pioneer in the space-saving movement, driving change in how people re-imagine and use their living and working spaces. With a commitment to sustainability, local production and innovative design, SpaceSave is set to remain at the forefront of the space-saving furniture industry in South Africa.

Its journey reflects a broader trend towards smarter, more sustainable urban living – a trend that SpaceSave is both responding to and helping to shape.

Interested to find out more about SpaceSave and its products? Head over to their website here, or visit them at Decorex from 6 to 9 June 2024.

Words by: Cape Town ETC

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