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Creating A Study Area In A Busy Home

Creating A Study Area In A Busy Home

Studying at home can be challenging. Especially if you share a space with others. Learn how to create a study area that keeps you focused.

Your portable study buddy

Set up a super portable study station with a Portable Folding Desk from SpaceSave. There is nothing for you to assemble; fold the legs out, click them into position and, you’re good to go! Practical, compact, and contemporary. Just take a seat and get to work.

A desktop with a view

You may find yourself running from room to room in search of open table space every now and then. Gather your essentials – including a drink and a snack – head to the balcony and you’re good to go.

The disappearing workspace trick

Done studying? Fold the wall mounted desk against the wall when not in use to make a mirror. Not only will you be able to check your appearance before you leave but you will have plenty of room for your phone, car keys, flowers, etc. 

Compact Studying to the fullest

If you prefer brightly lit rooms for studying, place your study area next to a window so you can take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Another great option would be a portable USB light.

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